Our new pop up book PIRATOMANIA is now published by Editions Milan.


Our new leporello LOCOMOTION – an illustrated factual guide to the history of train engineering and travel – is published by Nobrow.



You can read about the progress of the making and look behind the scenes of GOLDEN COSMOS on the Nobrow Blog.



Get your copy here.

Interview on AIGA

Here you can read about our work and how we came to be GOLDEN COSMOS in an interview by Madeleine Morley for AIGA – the professional association for design.

“Silver Nail” Award for “Die Ferne ist ein schöner Ort”

Daniel Dolz’ “Die Ferne ist ein schöner Ort” was awarded with the “Silver Nail” by the German Art Directors Club.

Golden Cosmos at the Museum of American Illustration

Two works of us are selected to be shown in the Society Of Illustrators 57 exhibition.

Two illustrations from the “Weltfeiertage 2014” calendar will be shown in the exhibition 9 – 31 January in the Museum of American Illustration in New York

and two illustrations from the book “Die Ferne ist ein schöner Ort” will be shown in the exhibition 6 – 28th February.

What’s in our pencil case?

As part of October’s “Back To School” series on It’s Nice That we were asked to tell about our favourite tool in our Pencil Case.

New Book

The new book “Die Ferne ist ein schöner Ort” by Daniel Dolz is finished. It is screenprinted with 4 colors in a limited edition of 45 books.


The story is about a boy with his binoculars. He wears them wherever he goes and from a save distance watches intimate details of his fellow students.
It’s the story of a silent outsider who longs for closeness, appreciation and friendship.


Buy it at the Frankfurter Grafikbrief

Feature on It’s Nice That

Every week It’s Nice That invite someone from the creative industries to share a rundown of their five favourite books in the whole ruddy world, which have inspired, excited or educated them. Have a look at our selection (it was really hard to chose!).

New Work!

Our latest work “Weltfeiertage 2014” is published by Collection Büchergilde.


The wall calendar illustrates 24 international holidays and accompanies you through a year of quiet, peaceful, spiritual, festive, hilarious and crazy holidays around the world.






The Art Directors Club has just anounced the winners for this year’s Young Guns 11 Competition and we are among them!




“Von einem, der auszog das Fürchten zu lernen” 2nd edition

After more than two years, the 2nd edition of “Von einem, der auszog das Fürchten zu lernen” is finally off the press!


The unchanged 2nd edition of 100 copies is signed and numbered and includes a risoprint of the original text of the Grimm’s fairytale.
Size 37×24 cm, 22 pages, screenprinted with 3 colors.


35 copies also include an additional screenprint which is signed and numbered.


You can buy the book in the Büchergilde Artclub or the Frankfurter Grafikbrief.

“High Times” awarded and exhibited

“High Times” was among the selected books that were shown in the 50th Bologna Children’s Book Fair Exhibition in march and it will be printed in the American Illustration 32 annual.

NY Times Gallery 7 Townies Exhibition

The New York Times’s Gallery 7 has a group exhibition of illustration from the Op-Ed blog Townies on Feb 7, 2013.



Wesley Allsbrook  +  Drew Beckmeyer  +  Chi Birmingham  +  Harry Campbell  +  João Fazenda  +  Golden Cosmos  +  Jon Han  +  Bendik Kaltenborn  +  Yann Kebbi  +  Tatsuro Kiuchi  +  Aidan Koch   +  Patrick Leger  +  Bjørn Rune Lie  +  Jon McNaught  +  Wendy MacNaughton  +  Bénédicte Muller  +  Roman Muradov  +  Ryan Peltier  +  Emiliano Ponzi  +  Jungyeon Roh  +  Guido Scarabottolo  +  Dadu Shin  +  Esther Pearl Watson  +  Jing Wei  +  Sarah Williamson  +  Paul Windle  +  JooHee Yoon  +  Olimpia Zagnoli

High Times

Our newest book “High Times” is finished!

The concertina book folds out to a 139 cm panorama detailing humanity’s quest to conquer the skies and is published by Nobrow Press. You can buy it here. More images coming soon.

American Illustration

Our illustrations for “Sonntagsheiligung in Deutschland” and “Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte” have been selected to appear in the American illustration 31 annual book.


Buy “Sonntagsheiligung in Deutschland” here.

Buy “Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte” here.

Feature in G colon

Our work is featured in an article about ‘Humorous Design’ in the 60th issue of Korean design magazine G colon.

3×3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration

“Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte” is a merit winner which will be displayed in the 3×3 Illustration ProShow Annual. You can buy the book here.


New book!

Our new illustrated book “Sonntagsheiligung in Deutschland” by Mark Twain is now published by Edition Büchergilde.

It’s part of the “Petits Fours” series which consists of four booklets, individually packaged in a slipcase, 9 x 12cm, 24 pages, fully illustrated by different artists. You can buy it here.

Interview in étapes

For the 200th issue of étapes magazine we have answered a few questions about the future of graphic design.