Ludwig and the Rhinoceros 

NordSüd , 2023

“ There’s a rhinoceros in my room ! ”

claims Ludwig. His father doesn’t think so.

There CANNOT be a rhinoceros in Ludwig’s

room, it’s much too small for a rhinoceros.

But Ludwig shows his father that something

can be there even if you can’t see it.

A humorous bedtime story for budding



Written by Noemi Schneider

German  NordSüd Verlag

English  NorthSouth Books


“ It simply cannot be proven

that there is NOT a rhinoceros

in the room. ”

Ludwig Wittgenstein



USSBY Outstanding International Books 2024

Hiii Brand “Best of the Best”, 2023

Die Schönsten Bücher Deutschlands, 2023

dPICTUS 100 Outstanding Picturebooks, 2023

Society of Illustrators The Original Art 2023 Exhibition

Society of Illustrators 65 Annual and Exhibition, 2023

Nami Concours, 2023 (shortilsted)

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, 2023

3×3 International Illustration Show 2023, Merit

Picturebook of the Month, July 2023 | Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

Leselotse, May 2023, Börsenblatt

LUCHS, April 2023, DIE ZEIT and Radio Bremen

“Beste 7 im März” 2023, Deutschlandfunk